Q: What program do you use for your pages?

A: I use a program called Easy Paint Tool Sai.

Q: Can you show me how to get/download/use it?

A: No.

Q: Do you use a tablet?

A: Yup!

Q: How come they're all animals sometimes and anthro other times? Can they turn into humans?

A: It's apparently a comic format on SJ... I've found a few that have it like I have HKK. They aren't changing into human form, it just shows them as humans to emphasize the expressions and actions (and in my case romance, because cat romance isn't as cute as human romance, to me).

Q: Are ____ and ____ going to end up together?

A: There is only one real, official couple from the beginning, which is Rascal and his mate Winney (who has always lived on the other side of the fence). As the story goes on, however, there will be three more canon couples (one human) and one implied couple.

Q: If Claire's a street cat, why's she so nice a lot of the time?

A: Claire is only part street cat; her father was a house cat. Claire was the first child her mother had, and knew her father well. Together, her parents raised her to be a little nicer than most street cats were. Despite this, she can still be very rash and angry.

Q: How come Claire fell in love with Theo so quick, and Theo doesn't seem to feel the same way after a long time?

A: Claire was a street cat, so she isn't used to "real" relationships. It's much how in high school teenagers will date anyone that asks them out, even if they've never talked before. Theo is more like me and all of my friends; he takes things slow and gets to know a person first. There is another reason, however, I just can't say it right now.

Q: Is Theo gay? His tank top makes him look it...

A:No. There are no homosexual characters or relationships in this comic. And the tank top... well, I kinda have a fetish for guys in tank tops... @w@

Q: Does Dance love Izzy?

A:Though neither have been introduced yet, I'm sure someone will wonder this. Izzy has no family, and idolizes Dance for being a "tough street cat". Dance, in return, has maternal (motherly) feelings for Izzy, as though she was her own child.

Q: What about Diana and Charlie?

A: Charlie and Diana are brother and sister; however, Diana has what's called a "brother complex", similar to (but not as extreme as) the one Utau has for Ikuto in the anime "Shugo Chara". She hates to be without her brother, and gets jealous whenever his attention turns to someone other than her.

Q: How mature will the romance be?

A: Though the story revolves around romance, the actual actions will not be too intimate. Nothing more than a kiss will ever be shown. However, some things will be implied later on in the story.

Q: How did you come up with the cats and dogs themselves? (the ones you created)

A: Claire and Theo I created just like any characters; they just sorta popped into my head. Although, I must admit Theo's design has been redone a few times and ending up looking a lot like AK from Rebel Prince, which I do read despite the BL. Rascal is based off of my dog (well, he IS my dog in look and personality), and Nenen was based off of my cousin, Adrienne (and co-created by her). The other animals were created by other people.

Q: How do you tone your pages?

A: I shade all my pages with the Airbrush tool on Paint Tool Sai, but I might sometimes use the Canvas or Paper texture.

Q: Have any tips for MS Paint users?

A: There are tons of good tutorials for neat things in MS Paint that you can find on YouTube, but my best tip is to buy something better. Ask for Paint Tool Sai or Adobe Photoshop Elements or another system for your birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever gift-giving holidays you celebrate (if you're Jehovah's Witness you're screwed xD). A free program that's pretty good is Paint.NET, but google it, don't actually go to Paint.net.