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Here we have the forms you must fill out to be in the comic. Also, Reagan, Theo's owner, works at an animal clinic, so your animal could have had an injury and been brought to Reagan's house for recovery or something. Theo goes to the clinic sometimes. Anyhoo, I need a human to be Nenen's owner, and once we have him/her you can be his/her pet. If you want to be a random pet at the clinic, just put Clinic under Owner

If you wanna be an owner:

Species: Human
Personality: (summary, around a paragraph long)
Around other humans:
Around animals:
Your name (here or on YT):

If you wanna be a pet:

Personality: (summary, around a paragraph long)
Around humans:
Around other animals:
Your name (here or on YT):

posted by Niah @ June 25th, 2008, 2:14 pm  -  4 Comments

Reader Comments:

I comment here, right?

Nicknames: Cardy
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Works in the local news agents
Personality: She is often too rebelious and gets in a lot of trouble. When with her friends she is very talkative and will say almost anything, although she's shyish around strangers. She loves cute things, especially hello kitty or something like that. She is generally a sweet and kind person although she can be blunt without noticing.
Around other humans: I said all that above ^^^^^
Around animals: She absolutely loves animals although she's wary of small yappy dogs like terriers. She will take in almost any stray animal and look after it until strong enough to get a better home.
Past: She was born into a prety famous family, but didn't enjoy being rich or popular so she decided to move out at 15 (she's 16 now). She's always been thought of as 'different' although loved by her friends. She got bullied in elementary school but everyhing seemed to change around middle school.
Pet: Rex - A grey germain shepherd (female). If she is every anthro she has pink hair (any style) and green eyes.
Your name (here or on YT): cardigan on SJ, hollymoocow on YT.
extra: Cardigan has hair like my SJ avatr/icon thingy X) he green can be blonde.

posted by Cardigan, June 26th, 2008, 11:50 am

Pretty Kitty

Name: Diana
Nicknames: Dia
Gender: Female
Species: Cat (Cat-human? o-o Anthro? idk)
Breed: Calico
Personality: A happy cat, despite living on the streets almost her whole life. Her mother had her and her brother, Charlie, a gray tom, in an abandoned barn where several other cat-families lived. Now that the barn is cleared out, she and her brother seek refuge there when they need it. They are born wild cats, Charlie and Dia live on instinct. Though Charlie is gruff and less trusting, Dia loves to meet people and cats. Through a layer of gray fur and annoyance, Charlie loves Dia for her positive outlook through any situation.
Around humans: Dia is super cute and friendly to people.
Around other animals: She loves meeting other animals, and isn't even afraid of dogs.
Past: Lived almost her whole life on the streets. Her mother had her and her brother, Charlie, a gray tom, in an abandoned barn where several other cat-families lived. Now the barn is cleared out and only they live there.
Owner: Nonnne
Your name (here or on YT): Epicity (here) tsukihanazaki (Y/T)

Can I submit Charlie too? D:

posted by epicity, June 27th, 2008, 12:46 pm


Name: Isabelle
Nicknames: Izzy
Gender: Female
Species: Cat(or cat-human/anthro, like Pika said)
Breed: Light-blue Abnyssian(sp?)
Personality: Izzy is a hyper cat that loves to eat. She grew up a an only kitten, then moved on the the suburb streets. She is only 1 year old(7 in cat years).
Around humans: She loves humans, but is terrified of little kids screaming "AW LOOK AT THE KITTY" and glomping her
Around other animals: She loves meeting other cats, but if she saw a dog, she'd wet herself.
Past: Izzy grew up as an only kitten, because she was the only in her litter who survived.(there were a lot of kittens in the litter) Her mother soon died from a car accident, so Izzy lived wih her dad until when she grew up she moved to the suburbs.
Owner: None
Your name (here or on YT): Maddisu(here) Spongewolf(YT)

posted by maddisu, July 11th, 2008, 10:07 am


Are you still taking applications? :3
And if so, do you still need an owner for any?

~KellieWellieBear (YT) ~ AmethystRose18 (DA)

posted by Kellie (Guest), March 18th, 2009, 6:25 am

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